Never Give Up

Gotta share this true event....Yesterday morning I stopped doing out the driveway to close the gate when a movement on the ground caught my eye...It was a red meat Ant and it was carrying the biggest chunk of something I have ever seen.. I watched as it struggled but never faltered to carry this huge treasure it had found toward the nest..My heart opened as I watched its journey, never quitting, just continuing under this enormous load. I wondered what the message was to me in witnessing this amazing feat, and it became quite moving and inspirational to see how this amazing creature could struggle under such a load to return this treasure to the nest to share the spoils...As it approached the nest another Ant came and shared the load and worked together in harmony to get the goodies home... It was really quite touching to watch and left me with the following message I have learnt from an Ant...
NEVER give up, no matter how impossible 
or overwhelming the load.
BE PREPARED to accept the help of another, 
and work together to achieve a end result...
I am sure there are other messages in this too, that we as Humans can learn from the Ants...Take the time to watch a nest, next time you can.. 

PS. Photo is only for illustration purposes, 
I didn't have my camera with me

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