Tough Day

Tough Day At The North Pole

Santa was having a rough December. A bunch of elves got sick from some bad eggnog, and toy production was way behind. Then Santa’s mother-in-law showed up for Christmas, with a lot of “free advice,” and Santa felt his stress levels rising.

On top of that, a couple of the reindeer had wandered off into the tundra, and three more had somehow got themselves pregnant.

Then during his pre-Christmas flight safety check, Santa found the maintenance team had totally neglected the sleigh: the runners were rusty, the paint had cracked, and some of the wood was infested with termites.

Frustrated beyond belief, Santa went into the house for a hot cider. But the elves had raided the cellar and it was dry as a bone. “No wonder they’re all sick,” he muttered.

He reached for a cookie and accidentally knocked over a king-size candle which splattered giant sparks all over his coat and beard. He managed to extinguish the sparks but his red coat was charred and his beard smelled horrible.

Then, at that very moment, somebody rang the doorbell, and kept right on ringing. Reeking of smoke, and definitely not in his happy place, Santa jerked open the front door and there stood an angel with a Christmas tree.

The angel said, “Santa, we got you a beautiful tree this year. Where do you want me to put it?”

And that, as it happens, is how the angel got to be sitting on top of the Christmas tree.

This is not widely known.

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