Ocean Concert

Ocean Concert

One day while by the ocean
a crab scurried from the sand
he gave me an invitation
to see a concert band.

With a hint of hesitation
I accepted graciously
He said a porpoise would pick me up
that day at half past three

The porpoise came right on time
it swam so rapidly
when we reached the concert
I thanked him cordially.

I sat between the octopus
and a great big conger eel
I rubbed my eyes constantly
just to see if it was real.

A dolphin played the sweetest tune
while a sword fish played guitar
and the octopus that played the drums
I thought was best by far.

There were barracuda, bass and bream
all singing beautifully
and when the show was over
I applauded joyously

But alas, it was but a dream
yet it seemed so real to me
I hope one day I’m invited 
to a concert beneath the sea

Poem by J.Howell

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