Sleeping Beauty Funny Poem

Sleeping Beauty

A fairy tale by far untrue
the truth has only been told by few
The first part starts off okay
a child was born one fine day
The King rejoiced this day so grand
and invited everyone in the land
to see his little pride and joy
that he secretly wished was a boy
Some fairies thought they’d pay a call
to see the princess oh so small.
Some gave riches and some gave beauty
doing their right and royal duty
Now one fairy her brain all hazy
slipped up and made the princess lazy
The princess grew up very fair
with skin milk white and golden hair
Her talents many, her faults but one
each day she’d sleep till half past one
Her fluffy pillow beneath her head
and sleeping pills beside her bed
Yes, the story’s sad but true
sleeping late was all she’d do
And to make you feel even worse
there was no fairy, no evil curse
Just Sleeping Beauty, a lazy prick
sleeping like a derelict
Now what’s that I hear you say?
Did the handsome prince come here way?
Yes he did and that’s a fact
but the princess having little tact
said, “Good Night” and gave a yawn
and went to bed in the clothes she’d worn
The prince said, “Oh Bugger You,
I’ve go better things that I could do,
you’re a waste of time, I think I might
just go off and chase Snow White"

written by J. Howell

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