The Good Old Days

The good old days

There once was a time you fed grass to a cow, 
not smoked it the way some people do now. 
And bread was for eating, the staff of life, 
not brought home in a pay packet, 
to give to the wife. 
"Gay" simply meant that a person was glad, 
and hire purchase schemes were only a fad. 
A man who was high was up on a ladder, 
and a child's soccer ball had a mendable bladder. 
Then, it didn't take hundreds of dollars to shop, 
and girl's swimming suits had a bottom and top. 
If you sat on a ton you were up on a load, 
not trying to spatter yourself over the road. 
the doctor did rounds, and so did the parson 
and kids hating school didn't think about arson. 
The world is changing, the language is too, 
it's off with the old, and on with the new. 
But when we are old, will these modern ways, 
be in our minds as those good old days?

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